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Monday, August 13, 2012

Youth lock-in update - more photos

Here are some more!  You guys are sooooo cute!  There are so many more but I will put them up at church, I guess.

Miss Barri

Youth lock-in update

Well, happy Monday to ya!!

If you were not at church yesterday, know that you were missed greatly and if you missed the lock-in on Tuesday night last week, you were missed and missed out!!  You, too, could have won grand prizes at our very own Olympics and had a red, white, and blue dessert!  But mostly you missed out on hand delivering little crafts to some folks and getting lovely hugs from Miss Jean (Goodwin)!  You took some great photos of our church and really helped me by getting the OCC gifts organized. We hope you will ALL be with us on our next adventure; whatever that may be!?!?  It just isn't the same without each of you.

I want to thank you guys for being sooooooo awesome and fun to be with.  Miss Donna and I are very blessed!

I know school starts back too soon for some of you but my prayers are with each of you as you begin a new year of experiences and learning.  You are each a minister for Christ as you go into your school with a great desire to reflect His love!  You change the world each day you do that for Him!  Thank you!

I want to re-remind you of some dates:
·        Youth and children start back to regular Sunday schedule on September 9th
·        Sunday, September 30th after worship will be the Operation Christmas Child packing party with lunch
·        Sunday, October 21st will be youth and children Sabbath followed by our annual church picnic
·        I am guessing that our trip to help pack up OCC right after worship will be on Sunday, November 18th, but that is a guess

I hope that helps you all out and that you have all those dates on your calendar now.

We REALLY need you all to be praying about our time we want to dedicate to God in preparation for youth and children Sabbath, October 21st.  We need to know that you ALL hope to make this a time you dedicate to your service to the body of Christ so we can make it awesome for our Creator and Father!  Youth and kids, could you let me know how you feel about that, please?

I hope you like the pictures.  I may send more in another email.

Love you lots!

Miss Barri