Church News

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Youth lock-in


Howyadoin???  Did you all make it through the storm ok last night?  Wow, that lightening was crazy and it seemed like we made up for all the rain we had not gotten in a year all in one night!  I know it was bad for some folks like our Miss Brenda Atkins in our office.  Their basement flooded and they still don't have power so she is trying to clean all that mess up AND do it without lights or air conditioning!  Rough day!  Please remember to pray for her family and others affected by the storm.

You guys asked for a night at the youth house soooooo here we go……….

I thought I would let you know a bit more about the lock-in set for next Tuesday, August 7th through August 8th.  We will meet at SVPC (McCalla) at 6:00 for dinner, movie, crafts for shut-ins, and maybe out for yogurt or something, and some prayer time together.  We will stay overnight at the youth house, have breakfast, and then head out to visit some of our sick and shut-ins.  After that and some lunch out we will go to the downtown church (FPCB) for a few projects and some of it MAY require clothes you could get yucky or sweat in, according to the weather.  Most of it will be inside work that isn't really work.  Then, we will return to SVPC for desserts, snacks and maybe a NAP!!!  Parents can pick you up between 4:00 and 5:00.  If you need a ride or you will be driving yourself and others, please let me know so we can plan for that.

Please bring:
·        money for snacks and lunch on Wednesday
·        sleeping bag or blankets, pillows
·        towel and toiletries such as deodorant
·        sleeping clothes
·        change of clothes for Wednesday
·        signed permission form (attached to this email)

I hope that gets a few of the details out of the way!

Youth and children, and even those just right out of youth, are welcome.  Please let me know if you are coming so we can make sure we have food and transportation for everyone!

It will be great to all visit and play "Pit" and eat and pray and laugh together!

Love ya!

Miss Barri