Church News

Friday, December 27, 2013

Prayer concerns for 12/27

Update on the Jinrights:

Claudia took therapy two days in the hospital, was free for Christmas, and was moved to a nursing home yesterday. She has already started therapy and is doing well.

A.W. is up and down. The infection in his lungs seems to have cleared up some but he is once again retaining a lot of fluid. Any physical activities cause his heart rate to drop dangerously low and h2 is subject to passing out. That's not good at all be he needs to be able to at least sit up from time to time. We're waiting on the doctor to stop by to discuss the situation.

One of the nurses said every morning before she reports to duty, she sits and meditates and then prays for her patients and their families. She also asks for guidance and discernment for herself and those involved in treating the patients. Lots of great folks around here.

We thank you for your continued support.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prayer concerns for 12/12

Goooooooood Afternoon Prayer Troopers!   Please see Keith's update below.  Thank you so much for your prayers! 

Pop had a fairly good night, slept for almost 3hrs, but woke up coughing almost constantly for a couple of hours. They wanted to put him on the BiPAP during the night as a precaution but they didn't want to wake him.

His heart rate is up and staying between 130 and 150 so the doc has ordered something for that. They thought he had developed A-Fib over the past couple of days but no, they left off one of his meds. His heart rate is under control now and he is resting a lot better.

He doesn't have much of an appetite but then again he had been on a liquid diet for three days so nothing sounded too good. He's starting to eat a little solid food again so he should be getting some strength back.

The Lord is good and He knows what is best. We just have to be patient and stay the course and things will work out according to His plan.

All in all, he is better than yesterday and better than the day before.

Many thanks for your prayers and support!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prayer concerns for 12/10

We need your prayer today for Keith's dad, A.W. Jinright (Pop).  He was admitted to the UAB West last night with double pneumonia.  He is currently waiting on the doctor but he is in good spirits.  Please keep him in your prayers this week.