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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arrangements for Erika Herda

‎Saturday, March 1

1:00 visitation
2:00 memorial service

Our Savior Lutheran Church
1074 Dunnavant Valley Rd.
(Off US-280 on Highway 41)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-26-14

We extend our Christian love and sympathy to Heinz Skolud today.  His Aunt Eirka passed away quietly this morning at 1:43.  She has now entered the nearer presence of her Lord.

Tracy Contorno should be moving to rehab.  Left arm is still not cooperating, worked with left leg and ankle/foot yesterday.  Some of the family took Tracy out of the room in a wheelchair yesterday for her to see where she will be staying at Spain (somewhere between 14 to 20 days).  Sister, Mother and Brian are rotating staying with her at the hospital and when she is moved to rehab, the family can say at night if they prefer.  

Please continue to pray for these family in their times of need.


Grace and Peace
Randy Kesler

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-25-14

Please remember Heinz Skolud and family regarding his aunt Erika who is in Brookwood,  she has just been placed in palliative care with her organs shutting down.  Heinz prays that the Lord's will be done, but he also prays that the Doctors take more time with her before doing too far down this path.

Also, here's a note from Charles and Virginia Binney. Please keep Brad in your thoughts and prayers. 

‎Just wanted to ask for your prayers for my son Brad who has been in ICU since Saturday at Princeton. He had minor surgery on Friday and seemed fine. Went home but sometime that night, apparently started hemorrhaging and still is. They have given him 7units of blood and other drugs to try to get his blood to clot. Tonight his color was better and his BP had finally gotten up to the eighties. Today, Tuesday, they have moved him to a room. Praise God!‎ Since he is on blood thinners for his heart valve, they now have to get his blood balanced out which could take a while. We thank you for your prayers.

Grace and Peace
Randy Kesler

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-22-14

Tracy Contorno has been moved within the same unit to a new room, a step down room. She is sitting up in a chair a lot now and this morning, with the aid of a walker, walked 110 steps. All of this is major. She continues to have some issues with her left side, particularly her left arm but doctors assure her the mobility will return but will take time. So please continue praying for her and her family who sweetly care for her. Particularly, ask for her mobility to return. Thanks be to God for his grace toward her and her gracious agreement with His will.

Rev. Randolph Kesler

Friday, February 21, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-21-14

We express Christian sympathy to Beverly Wood and family on the death of her sister-in-law, Sandy Benefield, who died in a house fire yesterday.  Please also keep the Benefield family in your prayers.
Tracy Contorno is moving around, though not as fast as she would like‎. She is doing better and will be moved to a private room today.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-20-14

We have reason for rejoicing  with Ernestine Webb.  We thank the Lord for his goodness.

Now we have other ongoing concerns below:

1.      Tracy Contorno still in ICU, seems to have done fine with the surgery though she has a  little weakness in her left side and face.  Lee remembers that she had this weakness in the original surgery ten years ago.  So our prayer is that she will heal well and that the nodule which was removed will be benign.

2.      We need special ongoing prayers for Ginger Rambin. She has known for some time that she will have to have surgery to place rods in her back to straighten her spine and relieve pressure.  Ginger goes today for many tests and sees her neurologist on March 3.  When this occurs  the surgery is quite difficult.

3.      Nell Hayes is James West's mom. She has cardiac issues and because of recent shortness of breath, is having a stress test Friday.  Please pray for doctors to determine the right course of treatment.

4.      Crickett had some vein surgery related to heart issues Wednesday and is doing well although experiencing some discomfort which should be gone is a few days. This should help the blood flow to her heart.

Thanks for all your prayers for these children of God. 


Grace and Peace

Randy Kesler

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-19-14

The surgery for Tracy Contorno was delayed but she is in surgery now.  Please join in covering Tracy, her doctors and nurses, and her family this afternoon in prayers for healing, guidance, strength and thankfulness.

Here's an update on Ernestine Webb's condition - There is no blockage!  The issue, which is still just age related, is that she has a stiffness to her heart that means she just has to give herself a little more time when exerting herself to let her heart catch up to her activity.  So slow down for a second, Ernestine, and take a breath!  Our body is a miraculous machine and we praise God for how he put it all together!
And, it is with a heavy heart that I send word that the cancer had spread to little Misty's liver and the vet said it was a very aggressive form.  Therefore, Suzanne has made the decision to let Misty stay asleep.  Please remember Suzanne in her time of loss. Our pets are here to bring us joy and give us love and Misty did just that.  She was a rescue from Ida Lawrence almost 13 years ago. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Update on Ernestine Webb

Ernestine's nuclear stress test came back with a passing grade!  She does have a little blockage but the doctor said that was normal for her age and nothing else needs to be done at this time.  Therefore, she is getting sprung from the hospital this afternoon!
We are thankful for our blessings!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-13-14

Please remember Ernestine Webb in your prayers.  Having become short of breath today, she went to the emergency room at UABW.  Doctors are keeping her overnight at least so that her cardiologist may check her more thoroughly tomorrow.

Also, Bruce Cornell just received the results from his PSA test following the completion of his radiation and they were 0.0! The previous test was a 14 and the doctors told him to expect the number to go uo or down a little bit but not to worry. What a blessing!

Rev. Randolph Kesler

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sympathy to the Praytor family

Our Christian Sympathy is extended to Thomas and Jean Praytor on the death of their nephew, Dennis Praytor. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-04-14

Justin Latta, Buster and Vicki's son, has had some very difficult health issues for many months now.  Justin had another appointment yesterday and the doctors are trying some other approaches to his care and re-checking to see if the doctor has missed anything. Other than making a few minor changes to what Justin is already doing, the doctor said Justin is doing everything she recommends.


Please continue to pray for The Latta's as they seek relief and health for this young man, and asking for strength for Justin to return to work full-time.  Pray for the medical professionals they are working with to know what to do next for Justin and for him to feel the closeness of our Holy Shepherd. 

We also have a prayer request for a special person who works at The Presbyterian Children's Home in Talladega.   Karla Conway lost her husband, Chris, suddenly yesterday afternoon.  Some of you will remember Karla who has been the Director of Resource Development there since 2003.  Karla has spoken at our PW programs and other related activities.


Please remember Karla and her family and friends during this difficult loss.  Your prayers for them will bring them strength and comfort as we ask our steadfast God to draw close to them through their shock and grief.




Monday, February 3, 2014

Prayer concerns for 02-03-14

Please pray for Thomas & Jean Praytor's nephew, Dennis Praytor, who is in the hospital.
There will be no Wednesday evening Bible Study this week.
The marriage event scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled.