Church News

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I saw a statue of Jesus today.

He was hanging on the cross,

From bolts of iron in His wrists and feet.

His crown of thorns wedged tightly on His head.

His precious body scourged and torn,

Flesh hanging from His very limbs.

A sponge of gall and vinegar nearby,

The cat-o-nine with metal sharp,

Spread wide to show its evil intent.

And, while my heart was broken in grief

Knowing what He did for me,

My soul and spirit rose to Him

In love; for His dying for me.

How much He must love me overwhelms my mind;

How unworthy am I; Yet He made me His.

What can I do for YOU, Abba?

Look into me and see.

Purpose me for YOUR plan alone.

Strengthen and show me the way.

I commit myself to You my God.

For You are my purpose to live.


By Kay Stephens