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Friday, June 24, 2016


Mission Trip to Presbyterian Home for Children


We have an opportunity to serve in Christ's name to a ministry that we know and love - The Presbyterian Home for Children! Some of you had said you would be interested in going to work to help this special place. We have a few youth going but we need some able bodied adults to go along. We would love to work alongside you as a faith family all together!


It will be W-O-R-K!  It may be H-O-T!  But it will be a great accomplishment when we finish!


The Home is doing some pretty big renovation work this summer for the location of their new school. First Presbyterian of Talladega has given them their CE building to use for a new education undertaking. We can be a part of that and help make it a lovely place for these kids to learn and grow. Instead of going to a foreign country we can just stay right in Alabama and make a difference.


Here is an excerpt from an article from "The Daily Home" about the new school:  At the end of this summer, The Presbyterian Home and the First Presbyterian Church will unveil the Ascension Leadership Academy, a new, private elementary school meant to provide "superior education with a Christian Foundation," according to a release about the new school.  The new school will be a partnership between the Presbyterian Home and the church (Talladega First Presbyterian).


The first school year is set to begin Aug. 17, and there will be room for about 30 students between kindergarten and eighth grade. Like Hope Academy, admittance will not be limited to residents of the Presbyterian Home. "We're hoping to draw students from Sylacauga, Pell City, Oxford, but Talladega will be the priority as long as slots are available," Mark Howard said.


The accommodations for our work trip are free! There is a kitchen available so we could pack sandwich stuff for lunches and then perhaps go out to dinner at night. All it would cost you is a few meals for fast food on the way up and back and then maybe one other meal out.


You would need to pack as if going to camp: sheets, pillow, towels, toiletries, etc. If we have more than 10 people go some will have to sleep on pallets or air mattresses.


Our youth need your support on this project. Our Presbyterian Home for Children needs your support on this project. Let's jump in!


Please contact Barri Pratt if you are interested in volunteering.