Church News

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Lenten Tree
We hope you will notice in the narthex that our 1st Anniversary Blessing Tree which was covered with notes from our members is changing for Lent. We pray that during this Lenten season we might emerge from our personal wildernesses and, leaning on His Word, be prepared to serve Him and His kingdom with new life. Watch our Lenten tree change these forty days and then as we welcome the risen Christ with joy on Easter Sunday!
As we enter into the season of Lent….
     setting aside the ordinary to focus on the extraordinary
     remembering Jesus’ time of testing in the wilderness
     taking a somber journey of examination and confession….
We will see our Lenten Tree in the narthex change…..
     from barren as wilderness
     to covered in symbols of Christ’s love for us
     from all our little blessings gone
     to covered with the blessings of True Life!