Church News

Monday, February 29, 2016


Lord Jesus, Your love flows through me.
Let me search and find those in need
To touch, to hold, to hug them,
Just as You always have done for me.
Human touch is necessary I am told.
How much more to be touched by You.
If I can be Your arms my Jesus,
Use me, Your will be done.
Let those whom I hug feel Your pure love,
And feel moved to follow You.
To feel Your peace, and seek Your grace, and
So, ask to be freed from their sin.
For, You alone are our Savior.
And, only You can save.
But, if a hug can help them see
You are waiting patiently,
Then, let me be Your arms, sweet Lord.
Let me live for You.
And, let me be Your disciple
To bring others closer to You.
By Kay Stephens